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Churchill Home Insurance

There is a lot more to the Churchill Insurance company than just a canine emblem; they are now part of one of the biggest insurance groups in Britain, with products as diverse as motorcycle, car, van, travel, pet, breakdown, and home insurance in their portfolio.  They were established back in 1989 and sold car insurance direct to the client, rather than selling through middlemen which was then the normally accepted method; since they were not having to pay out expensive commissions they were able to offer their policies at a very reasonable price and the company prospered. In 2003 they were taken over by the National Westminster Bank, now part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group, which gave them the strong financial foundations which are essential for long-term stability. After being put up for sale by RBS the business and liabilities of both Churchill and their sister company, Direct Line Insurance Group PLC, have been taken over by UK Insurance Ltd.

 One practice inherited from RBS was to have all call centres situated in the UK; no matter how hard working and well educated call centre staff are, it is often much easier to understand someone who shares your own language and culture when you have something as important as your financial security to discuss! Their staff don't only advise on insurance matters either, they telephone about a thousand of their customers each month to find out just what they thought of the service that they were receiving, to see if there is room for improvement in any way. A measure of their high standards of service can be gauged from the fact that Churchill Insurance were awarded the prestigious Investors in People recognition; this sets out standards and practices that companies can follow in order to train their staff to the highest levels in order to deliver the service that the customers, quite rightly, expect. In 2000 Churchill started to trade online, and now helps hundreds of thousands of people a year who are looking for the right insurance, at the right price.

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